Friday, August 7, 2009


The rain came just as it grew dark. Hot rain, summer rain. Fat drops on sunburned skin.

My gorgeous Monkey #2 started to dance in the rain. And I did, too. And laughed. And she was magical, face shining in the streetlight, hair sprung into tangled curls, clothes plastered against her little body. She was surprised that I was there with her, being a kid, being free. Not giving a thought to what the neighbors must think until much later, and finding I didn't much care.

The boy Monkeys stayed under the canopy and watched us, shaking their heads. Monkey #1 wasn't so surprised, though, he's able to remember earlier times, when I was able to shed my self-conscious-ness? adult-ness? restrained-ness?

Joy in just being in my body, in my world. Joy in dancing in the rain with my little girl. I need to do it more. I will do it more.

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