Thursday, April 15, 2010

So.... you know how you read a blog, and get kinda caught up in the drama, and are rooting for the happy ending?

Uggg. Very recently a blog-lady got on my last (no, probably just the 37th-to last) nerve with the Complaining on her blog. And really, why does it matter? How easy is it to just not read it, right? But, nevertheless, I read, am taken aback by her lack of gratitude.

A wise friend of mine mentioned that anything that really bugs you about someone else (he used ~slightly~ stronger words) is something about yourself that you should deal with.

So, I'm pondering today, what am I ungrateful for? Or what am I constantly complaining about that should actually reflect Gratitude? I have an amazing family, and I am so happy to be the Mom. I am just so happy about that, and I would be mortified if any one of them thought I didn't want to be here, with them. Mortified. Not able to sleep at night.